Body Struggles

In life, we encounter challenges. A central task is learning how to cope with physical and mental health issues without creating further harm for ourselves or others. Health problems, bereavements and setbacks, plus aging and death all seem like obstacles to happiness. But it is possible to learn and grow despite (or because of) serious difficulties in life. MindfulBiology is a useful aid to this process, because it helps us gain clarity on our true situation, placing it in an physiological, ecological, and evolutionary context. With clear understanding and gentle acceptance, we can gravitate toward contentment no matter what life imposes.

On the internet are many sites describing the management of physical and mental health conditions. In contrast, will not focus on how to treat afflictions of body or mind. MindfulBiology, as a practice, is designed to help us accept our present condition rather than looking toward a preferred, improved, or recovered state in the future. In many cases it makes sense to seek out medicinals or clinicians, or change diet and activities, in order to aid somatic and psychological healing. But we do well to begin with a sense of friendliness toward our own biological nature as it is right now, even in the face of pain or limitation. As we relate to our bodies and minds with affection rather than aversion, we reduce stress and increase the likelihood of repair. And if complete healing proves beyond reach, Mindful Biology helps us feel at peace, enjoying whatever capacities remain.

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