Body Appreciation? Say What?

MindfulBiology’s tagline is: “Body Appreciation for Heartfelt Living”. It was chosen over a year ago, and it suits the mission reasonably well. However, it deserves some explanation. Each term means something specific to me.

  • ‘Body’ refers to the physical organism that can be experienced both objectively (as skin, limbs, organs, cells, molecules, etc.) and subjectively (as sensations, emotions, drives, and so on).
  • ‘Appreciation’ implies an honoring attitude that is¬†both scientific and personal. From a scientific perspective, we see how our bodies sustain life through myriad complex functions that include respiration, digestion, circulation, immune defense, and much more. But looking at things more personally, the body is known as a sensitive, responsive being that does its best to help us thrive. In this latter sense, we appreciate the body the way we appreciate a beloved friend, parent, or lover.
  • ‘Heartfelt’ is a necessary partner to the ‘mindful’ in MindfulBiology. Mindfulness helps us heal and grow, but we also need what might be called heartfulness: tenderness, empathy, and affection.
  • ‘Living’ encompasses the spectrum of human experience, including its challenging transitions: aging, illness, pain, loss, and mortality. MindfulBiology aims to make these difficulties feel less frightening and more natural. With less resistance and more appreciation, we become better at negotiating circumstance. We grow in our capacity to learn from hardship, to face it more courageously. And as our fearfulness fades, we find it easier to savor the pleasures in life, both large and small.