Body Reconciliations

MindfulBiology aims to improve how we relate to our bodies. Our culture’s obsession with appearance and its fear of aging alienate us from the organism that gives us life. This section outlines steps to help us reconcile with our bodies. Using them we can build mind-body relationships based on friendliness, acceptance, forgiveness, appreciation, and love. In brief, the sequence is as follows:

  1. Stop Criticizing
  2. Start Appreciating
  3. Stop Punishing
  4. Start Nurturing
  5. Stop Commanding
  6. Start Listening
  7. Stop Resisting
  8. Start Serving
  9. Stop Fearing
  10. Start Trusting
  11. Stop Escaping
  12. Start Embracing

These steps may be self-evident, but for clarity’s sake I have posted detailed descriptions of each of them.