Inside the Body Shell

Here’s a video from the class I co-teach with Larry Berkelhammer, PhD, at the College of Marin. This session was recorded on December 1, 2016, and it discusses the difference between how we feel on the inside and how we Continue Reading →

The Roots of Alienation

Why do we end up alienated from our bodies? For one thing, we live in a civilization that runs on the power of mind and is less reliant on the strength of the body than any previous human culture. The priority of mind Continue Reading →

The Sensitive Human Animal

We humans can’t see our bodies clearly. Think of the lovely young woman, already slender, who looks in a mirror and sees ugliness and fat. Or think of the poorly conditioned middle-aged man who acts like a swaggering college kid. Or think of religious traditions Continue Reading →

The Body as a Labyrinth

On the grounds of many churches and meditation centers one finds labyrinths. Those wishing to plumb their inner depths walk these paths in meditative contemplation. As the trail spirals inward, appreciation of the journey increases; experience in the labyrinth becomes Continue Reading →