Learning from the Body: How to Neutralize Toxicity

Recently I posted a graphic (see image heading this essay) that listed things we can learn from our livers. The first item was “neutralize toxicity.” The post was an experiment; it seemed like a quirky way to exploit the body’s wisdom. But when Continue Reading →

At the Frontier between Science & Spirituality: Do Auras Exist?

MindfulBiology grew out of a desire to reconcile my understandings of science and spirituality, a yearning that began in adolescence. During a solo John Muir Trail hike at age sixteen, I felt dwarfed by granite spires looming above meadows sparkling with wildflowers. Geology, biology, and mysticism appeared inseparable. My upbringing and Continue Reading →

Honeybees, Harmony, and Humanity

Wisdom traditions teach us to redirect our focus from narrow personal concerns toward broader universal ones. Although this ethic represents a peak of human understanding, isn’t a notion that demands rational thought; it seems to arise naturally when groups of animals Continue Reading →

My Bio-Spiritual Journey

It happens that I’m applying to a training program for spiritual directors. The program requires submission of a ‘spiritual autobiography.’ Since I began blogging in 2006, my online writings have served to document my growth, and especially my efforts to merge Continue Reading →