More on the Body-Brain Connection, and How to Improve It

We can use information about the body to improve our relationship with it. In daily life we experience alternations between enthusiasm and discouragement, happiness and sorrow, vigor and exhaustion, etc. Scientists have learned a great deal about how measurable somatic changes accompany these mental cycles. We’ve Continue Reading →

Further Explorations of the Mind-Body Relationship

Down in the body we have masses of nerve tissue around the vital organs. Up in the brain we have this region called the insula, upon which is mapped our visceral landscape, and through which the prefrontal cortex can tap into the body’s doings and feelings. Between Continue Reading →

A Body of Emotion

A recent post explored the mind-body relationship and named the prefrontal cortex (PFC) as the brain region that houses ‘mind’. This makes sense if we think of ‘mind’ as the function that watches things in order to discriminate, judge, and plan. In fact, there is Continue Reading →

Mind & Body. Two or One?

MindfulBiology promotes friendlier mind-body relationships. Some might ask “what about mind-body unity? How can mind and body relate if the two are one?” The mind-body question is complicated and ideas about it span a broad spectrum. I’m no expert, but it’s Continue Reading →

Treat Your Body Like It’s Special!

How would you feel if—after you’d supported a friend for years, giving him everything he needed to start a new business—he told you he didn’t like how much weight you’d gained during that same period? Very likely, you’d feel hurt Continue Reading →

Befriending the Body Intelligent

This MindfulBiology project grew out of my struggle to find a new vocation after neck disease ended my surgical career in 2000. a setback that triggered a major psychiatric crisis. This was only the latest hardship in a life that had been challenging since Continue Reading →