That Thou Art

As part of a continuing effort to find my way, I’ve enrolled in a Yoga Therapy training program. I see this education as a natural next step in the development of MindfulBiology, which was born of my teaching biology to aspiring yoga teachers. Since Continue Reading →

MindfulBiology: A Synopsis

The last essay defined terms: Body, Appreciation, Heartfelt, and Living. Putting these together yields MindfulBiology’s tagline, which can be loosely restated as follows: By directing attention to the felt experience of living within a body, while holding in mind the organism’s immense complexity, we appreciate that Continue Reading →

Body-Criticism Is Hazardous to Health!

It’s sad. We live within this marvelous human organism, but we focus on everything don’t like about it. The criticism starts at the surface, where we judge our appearance against ‘perfect’ humans displayed by the media. It’s as if, in renaissance Italy, ordinary citizens Continue Reading →