MindfulBiology™ is similar to a program of music appreciation. If we learn about the instruments, rhythm, harmony, and other factors important to the beauty of music, we can listen to a performance with richer understanding and respect. Similarly, if we mindfully appreciate the structures and functions that give the human body life, we can live with greater clarity and admiration.

MindfulBiology offers short descriptions of anatomy, physiology, and molecular biology and combines them with guided mindfulness exercises. We learn to appreciate all that our bodies do as they sustain our lives, while also honoring the ecosphere in which our species evolved and upon which it depends. The aim is to encourage familiarity with the inner workings of the body and gratitude for the support we receive from the life that surrounds us.

In its fullest expression, MindfulBiology evokes the same sense of devotion and awe that religions help the faithful to feel toward God, only directed toward the mystery we call Living. Perhaps, MindfulBiology suggests, we can sidestep existential questions and simply love all that lives, including our own human bodies, by combining life science with meditations on Life.