Image Credits

I strive to ensure that all images on this noncommercial site are in the public domain.

The majority came from <a href=””>Wikimedia Commons</a>, but some come from a variety of other sites that offer graphics under <a href=””>CreativeCommons</a> licenses. By clicking on the image of interest, you will be taken to a page showing the photo and its source. Note that I usually don’t attribute in the way CreativeCommons suggests because putting their text on every image would look distracting. Since this is a low-volume website, I take the liberty of streamlining the process. However, I am planning to change this approach when possible to improve the visibility of the attributions.

There are a few embedded Youtube videos on the site. As with the static images, I am planning to go through and improve the attributions to these.

Occasional images come from commercial venues, i.e., sites advertising services. In this case clicking on the image will take you to the website of origin. I doubt all these photos are strictly in the public domain, but as this site makes no money and clicking the images takes you to the location selling the services, I imagine such organizations would be OK with my usage. Similarly, I sometimes portray book jackets when discussing writings relevant to my subject matter; in this case the image hyperlink connects to the same book’s page on Amazon or another retailer. I am not set up to receive financial credit for purchases obtained via links from my site.

Some of the photographs were taken by me or (more often) my wife, and once published here these can be considered freely available for non-commercial use. Obviously, some form of attribution would be appreciated. You can tell which pictures we took, because they are the only images that don’t link anywhere else.

If anyone has questions or concerns about these policies, and in particular if you object to my use of any image, please either <a href=””>email me</a> or leave a comment. Blessings.