Reproduction & the Troubled Landscape of Sex

How confused our feelings become around the reproductive structures we all possess! Our capacities for intimacy and ecstasy can so easily become coils of confusion. Does sex feel safe or threatening? Do others desire our bodies or ignore them? Does desire come with affection or is it nothing but narcissistic lust? Do our memories of early sexual awareness feel pleasantly nostalgic or sickeningly shameful?

These tender systems that carry life through time have become such hotbeds of unhappiness; it is truly sad. But we can imagine a better way, we can work to build a culture that celebrates sexuality without obsessing about it. One that views sex and reproduction with curious awe, rather than prurience and contempt.

Mindful Biology aims to help us grow more accepting of our sexual organs, urges, and conditioning. By combining knowledge of structure and function with felt sensations in the pelvis, heart, and elsewhere, we can begin to separate biology from bias, helping our sexual consciousness feel less freighted with confusion and more open to direct, moment-to-moment experience. We can live more comfortably with our sexuality, with others, and with a culture awash in sexual imagery but frightened of genuine intimacy.