Biologically Mindful Resources

MindfulBiology celebrates the body as a source of wisdom and support, one that deserves our affection and awe. This outlook grew out of my personal struggle with medical and psychiatric problems and—in particular—my reliance on alternative health practices. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, acupuncture and Qi Gong helped me learn to appreciate my body, which led to the work you see here. As a visitor to a site with ‘mindful’ in the header, you probably have experience with these traditions or others like them, so you have heard the basic MindfulBiology message before, though with different emphasis.

The interweaving of somatic and spiritual practices is undergoing an exciting renaissance, and many popular practices and teachings are what I call biologically mindful. Some of these helped me conceptualize the MindfulBiology approach, and others have enriched my understanding of  the body’s centrality to spiritual maturation.

Follow the links below for selected resources relevant to MindfulBiology. I will gradually add to the lists as time goes on, so check back to see what’s been added. And if you have any suggestions for teachers, books, articles, or websites that belong here, please get in touch.