Embrace Yourself

Despite how hard we work to escape feelings, when they’re gone, we miss them. People recently bereaved often feel numb but experience the numbness as unsettling; the sting of grief, though awful, feels more vital. A common symptom of depression is anhedonia (the inability Continue Reading →

Body-Criticism Is Hazardous to Health!

It’s sad. We live within this marvelous human organism, but we focus on everything don’t like about it. The criticism starts at the surface, where we judge our appearance against ‘perfect’ humans displayed by the media. It’s as if, in renaissance Italy, ordinary citizens Continue Reading →

This Terrible, Spectacular, Agonizing, & Gorgeous Moment of Living

I plan to include on this site personal meditations & musings about my own experience in a human body. Although some people might find this exhibitionist and distasteful, I believe it important to back up the central message of MindfulBiology Continue Reading →