The Roots of Alienation

Why do we end up alienated from our bodies? For one thing, we live in a civilization that runs on the power of mind and is less reliant on the strength of the body than any previous human culture. The priority of mind Continue Reading →

The Body of Fear

What keeps the mind-body relationship so dysfunctional? What makes us feel alienated from the organism that gives us life? I believe the cause is fear, though it often gets expressed as frustration or disgust. When we dislike our appearance, our fear of social failure drives the discontent. When we Continue Reading →

Ideas for a More Appreciated Body

Appreciating the body isn’t automatic. From our earliest years, we learn that how we’re treated often depends on how we look. In other words, our culture makes us anxious about our appearance. Since most of us don’t look like George Clooney or Charlize Theron, Continue Reading →