Heart Intelligence, Heart Wisdom

The video below is the third presentation in the Spring Term of the College of Marin class I co-teach with Larry Berkelhammer, PhD. It discusses the anatomic and physiologic features of the heart that help it pump efficiently and provide redundancy. It also Continue Reading →

That Thou Art

As part of a continuing effort to find my way, I’ve enrolled in a Yoga Therapy training program. I see this education as a natural next step in the development of MindfulBiology, which was born of my teaching biology to aspiring yoga teachers. Since Continue Reading →

Further Explorations of the Mind-Body Relationship

Down in the body we have masses of nerve tissue around the vital organs. Up in the brain we have this region called the insula, upon which is mapped our visceral landscape, and through which the prefrontal cortex can tap into the body’s doings and feelings. Between Continue Reading →

O Universe, Do not Be Afraid

We haven’t yet discussed one of the central problems in the mind-body relationship: fear. Many of the qualities we’re trying to stop are driven by it. Criticism of the body is driven by fear that others won’t find us attractive, Continue Reading →

Dancing toward Freedom

Waves move all around us, rolling across oceans and breaking upon shores. They propagate through air as music and speech. They speed through rock during earthquakes. My father was a professor of wave mechanics, so I grew up knowing waves Continue Reading →