Inside the Body Shell

Here’s a video from the class I co-teach with Larry Berkelhammer, PhD, at the College of Marin. This session was recorded on December 1, 2016, and it discusses the difference between how we feel on the inside and how we Continue Reading →

Learning from the Body: How to Neutralize Toxicity

Recently I posted a graphic (see image heading this essay) that listed things we can learn from our livers. The first item was “neutralize toxicity.” The post was an experiment; it seemed like a quirky way to exploit the body’s wisdom. But when Continue Reading →

This Terrible, Spectacular, Agonizing, & Gorgeous Moment of Living

I plan to include on this site personal meditations & musings about my own experience in a human body. Although some people might find this exhibitionist and distasteful, I believe it important to back up the central message of MindfulBiology Continue Reading →

The Body as a Labyrinth

On the grounds of many churches and meditation centers one finds labyrinths. Those wishing to plumb their inner depths walk these paths in meditative contemplation. As the trail spirals inward, appreciation of the journey increases; experience in the labyrinth becomes Continue Reading →

Dancing toward Freedom

Waves move all around us, rolling across oceans and breaking upon shores. They propagate through air as music and speech. They speed through rock during earthquakes. My father was a professor of wave mechanics, so I grew up knowing waves Continue Reading →

My Bio-Spiritual Journey

It happens that I’m applying to a training program for spiritual directors. The program requires submission of a ‘spiritual autobiography.’ Since I began blogging in 2006, my online writings have served to document my growth, and especially my efforts to merge Continue Reading →