Medical Training and Body Aversion

When I was in medical school, my classmates came from diverse backgrounds. Some came from wealthy families and some were poor. The majority were of European-American descent, but many came from minority backgrounds, including African-American and Latino-American. Slightly more than half the class Continue Reading →

How to Nurture Your Body

The body does better with nurturing than punishment. Studies have demonstrated benefits from good nutrition, moderate exercise, and regular mindfulness practice. And we all know harm results from high fat/high sugar diets, inactivity or over-exertion, and a consistently mindless, high stress lifestyle. Continue Reading →

Meditation on Breath & Forgiveness

Mediation on Breath & Forgiveness My first recorded guided MindfulBiology meditation, a guidance on breath and forgiveness, is now available. This fifteen minute offering starts with a focus on the process of breathing and moves from that base to an ailing or Continue Reading →

This Terrible, Spectacular, Agonizing, & Gorgeous Moment of Living

I plan to include on this site personal meditations & musings about my own experience in a human body. Although some people might find this exhibitionist and distasteful, I believe it important to back up the central message of MindfulBiology Continue Reading →