Heart Intelligence, Heart Wisdom

The video below is the third presentation in the Spring Term of the College of Marin class I co-teach with Larry Berkelhammer, PhD. It discusses the anatomic and physiologic features of the heart that help it pump efficiently and provide redundancy. It also Continue Reading →

Medical Training and Body Aversion

When I was in medical school, my classmates came from diverse backgrounds. Some came from wealthy families and some were poor. The majority were of European-American descent, but many came from minority backgrounds, including African-American and Latino-American. Slightly more than half the class Continue Reading →

Somatic Faith

Our feelings about our bodies form a background for our lives. For many of us, this background is one of fearfulness. The young fear their bodies won’t win them love; the old fear illness and decrepitude. Although the worries change, a habit of fear remains. Changing Continue Reading →

The Path toward Serving the Body

MindfulBiology’s Reconciliations are listed as sequential reversals in the way we treat our bodies. Early in the path, we concentrate on treating old wounds: we replace criticism with appreciation, punishment with nourishment, and commanding with listening. We cease treating the body like an Continue Reading →

Treat Your Body Like It’s Special!

How would you feel if—after you’d supported a friend for years, giving him everything he needed to start a new business—he told you he didn’t like how much weight you’d gained during that same period? Very likely, you’d feel hurt Continue Reading →