Mind & Body. Two or One?

MindfulBiology promotes friendlier mind-body relationships. Some might ask “what about mind-body unity? How can mind and body relate if the two are one?” The mind-body question is complicated and ideas about it span a broad spectrum. I’m no expert, but it’s Continue Reading →

Don’t Run Away from the Rose of the World

Before humans could speak, it may not have been possible for us to separate from our bodies. But once we developed an inner realm of words and ideas, that artificial reality began to compete with the actual one. Practicing mindfulness meditation is a Continue Reading →

The Body as a Labyrinth

On the grounds of many churches and meditation centers one finds labyrinths. Those wishing to plumb their inner depths walk these paths in meditative contemplation. As the trail spirals inward, appreciation of the journey increases; experience in the labyrinth becomes Continue Reading →

Dancing toward Freedom

Waves move all around us, rolling across oceans and breaking upon shores. They propagate through air as music and speech. They speed through rock during earthquakes. My father was a professor of wave mechanics, so I grew up knowing waves Continue Reading →

A Meditation on Sun, Photosynthesis, and Breath

Breathing all the time, we seldom think of what it means. We’re too busy and preoccupied to remember how our breath, our Life, depends on an ancient and beautiful biosphere. Mindful Biology, as a practice, reminds us to slow down and Continue Reading →