The Skeleton: A Scaffold of Body Memory

The bone is our innermost strength. It stores some of the deepest physical scars as thickened areas where fractures have healed. It gradually thins with age, as hormonal shifts change the balance of buildup and breakdown.

The bones also hold the imprint of our habitual posture. Too many of us develop chronic slumps in the shoulders and upper backs, the stamp of chronic defensiveness and lack of confidence. Too few of us feel ready to stand tall every moment of our lives. In this age of epidemic childhood emotional trauma, it doesn’t help that our lifestyles encourage collapse, as we hunch over LED screens. Our skeletons become maps of withdrawal and insecurity.

Mindful Biology can help us appreciate the dynamic, responsive nature of bone. Yes, it responds to defeat and collapse, but it also responds to hopefulness and upright bearing. With the aid of mindful movement as we might learn in Yoga or Feldenkrais classes, knowledge of skeletal biology can leverage us to stand taller, more deeply rooted in our own organic nature. We can begin to mindfully build up, rather than allowing modern stresses to mindlessly wear us down.