Biologically Mindful Websites

HealthJourneys offers guided meditations narrated by Belleruth Naparstek. I first listened to these years ago, during a time of great distress, and I found them very soothing and fortifying. I especially recommend the program entitled Healing Trauma. Naparstek has a beautiful voice for this work, and her production values are high. One of the main reasons I include her site, however, is that her words first pointed me to the idea of the body as a being we relate to rather than a device we inhabit (which was the way I’d been taught to look at things in medical school). She calls the body our “closest companion” and our “oldest friend.”

The Focusing Institute. Focusing is a method developed by psychologist Gene Gendlin at the University of Chicago. It teaches us to contact sensations in our bodies and trust the “felt sense,” which “lies behind … thoughts and feelings and is significant and full of meaning.” In time, practitioners learn to listen to the wisdom of the body as they assess situations and make decisions.