MindfulBiology™, as a mindfulness practice, is rooted in the present. We carry scientific knowledge inward, connecting it with moment-by-moment felt experience. We grow more sophisticated in our ability to track inner sensations, and we develop more appreciation for life and all it involves in terms of structure, function, energy, and information. We begin to feel more connected to our bodies and, by extension, the ecosphere that supports them.

MindfulBiology is available any time of the day or night, whenever we tune into the felt sensations of living: the quality of breath entering and leaving the body; the tone in our postural muscles as we sit or stand; the residual tension that remains even as we rest in bed; the subtle gurgling of digestion; the steady rhythm of the heartbeat. These sensations, plus the ongoing monitoring of eyes, ears, and nose, are available to awareness in each moment. Armed with knowledge about how the body is built and how it functions, we can appreciate the tones of experiences as a symphony of the human body. We can feel tenderness and awe toward this amazing organism that gives us life, right here, and right now.

Since MindfulBiology is the offering of a real person (Will Meecham, MD, MA) who enjoys giving live presentations, public events are occasionally scheduled in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dates, times, and locations will appear along the right side of this website whenever such sessions are arranged.