MindfulBiology™ takes place in our own human bodies, whenever mindfulness and biological understanding are combined as we experience life.

Although properly situated in each person’s body, in more conventional terms MindfulBiology will remain largely confined to this website. Some essays cover organ systems and their functions; others address trauma’s biological and psychological impacts, the body’s relationship to other life forms and the entire ecosphere, the deeper meanings of life, and more. As time goes on, I will be adding in recordings of biologically-oriented mindfulness exercises. I also devote a section to resources that offer information and outlooks that resonate with the MindfulBiology approach.

As opportunities arise, in-person sessions will be offered in the San Francisco Bay Area and possibly elsewhere. Locations, dates, and times will be listed along the right-hand side of this website as events are arranged. Contact Will Meecham, MD, MA, if you would like to schedule a program in your area.